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Website Development

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Design & Development

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Web designing & development is core focus of ours we have got a bag full of tricks that would serve you the whole range of web development provisions. At INICSOL, we deliver specialized web related services for adding worth to your online business. We are dedicated, passionate, and innovative team blending effective solutions with quality web design. We're flexible, immediate and adaptable we always go for ever increasing possibilities of IT and whatever it can offer to your business.

We're more focused on open source modes, agileweb development methodologies, cutting edge web designing technologies & tools in furnishing web solutions. Our object is earning your belief on our competence to bring you the greatest level of web services en route for achieving excellence. Our interactive website services include uncompromised full range of web solutions such as: Web Design & Development, Web Programming facilities for small to large size companies as well as individuals.

User Friendly Interface & Graphics

We start from scratch on every single website design we do. We come up with a unique and eye-catching feel & look that suits your design preferences as well as is in line with aimed demographics. We first design the main page which once approved; we turn to other important web pages while ensuring all layout details are perfectly incorporated. That's the best, fastest and smoothest way to go about subsequent programming and coding processes.

Efficient Web Development

We hand code virtually all of our web development projects, we use the most search engine friendly, standards conforming techniques. For greatest scalability we rely on table less CSS based designs. Apart from coding our own designs, we can also work alongside other marketing agencies, advertising firms, and graphic designers to translate their layouts in beautiful code.

Web Database Programming

We exclusively draw on PHP/MySQL for our web design and databases. We are also specialized in customized CMS and complex web database software design for real time web applications. Be it a custom built backend web system or adaptation of some existing PHP applications, you'll find our skills unparalleled.

Cross Browser, Cross-Platform Compatibility

Everyone wants to tackle as much as clientele as possible. So for this they need a website that runs fine on a variety of platforms and browsers. As a matter of facta great deal of professionally created websites don't display as expected in all versions of web browser out there. INICSOL takes care of it and creates cross platform & cross browser compatible sites. Due to our smart web programming, your website will also work excellent on smart devices. In effect ONE AND ALL on internet could properly view your website.

Search Engine Friendly Code & SEO

All of our website codesas well as CMS are especially designed to be super friendly for the search engines. We have got tried-and tested SEO practices that'llfacilitate your site contract enhanced rankings. That's not just our words; we keep to it and prove through our work...

That wasjust an overview let's dredge up a bit deeper

We are also into custom built CMS, implementinge commerce solutions, blogssetups, logos designing, websites hosting as well as email servers for clients. Just navigate through our several web services to discover more on what and how we're going to serve you web solutions.