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Content Management Systems

Make your Site up-to-date Easily & Quickly Anywhere, Anytime!

What's a Content Management System?

Basically terms, a content management system is software that supports the construction, publishing, configuration and organization of website content. A CMS mostly look like word processor, as MS Word etc. It's an easy, reliable and quick way of updating your custom website with no need of web designing skills or any high tech software! Now you can hold over everything put on your website from formatting and editing text, to uploading your images/photos, and many other options available. It's no more a hassle to update your website, and way more than that, at no cost! Isn't it cool?

Different Types of Content Management Systems

Yes, there are too many, however we mostly avoid using prepackaged content management systems like Drupal or Joomla. The reason is, these CMS's can't be customized as easily and quickly as you are able to do with your own custom built systems, moreover these ready made CMS's are likely to be hacked easily. You won't want like that, right? Added to that, with our custom built CMS you won't be obliged to pay for the features you do not need!

INICSOL is acknowledged for offering you the most excellent CMS in this field known as, 'INICSOL's Custom CMS'. We tune it so well to make you update your site through it in a simplest way. Our CMS software is completely custom programmed in PHP/MySQL up to the required functionality on your particular site in order to provide you a full grip on the chosen aspects of your website. Irrespective of your website's intricacy, we've the competency to devise a system for you to administer it a proficient way.

Free Website Updates!

The INICSOL's Custom CMS would afford itself. No extra maintenance charges! Be it about updating the Home page or all webpages on your site, we will provide you the apt tools for it. Updating via INICSOL's Custom CMS is as effortless as emailing or doing simple editing on MS Word. You will just pay INICSOL for the key stuff, notfor the updates which are easy to do on your own through an inter enabled computer.

What will you Pay Us?

You won't pay us for that you do not need before giving you the price quote, our team will discuss every single aspect of CMS creation with you to understand what you actually require. Once your system is ready, it won't cost you there after!

Get in touch with us to get your quotation freely! In case you've any queries whatsoever regarding INICSOL's Custom CMS, we would be glad to discuss them as well aspresent you a cost free demonstration of the backend management system.