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Our Process

Let's know our Tried & Tested Process that makes us develop successful websites!

May be it's your first venture in putting up your website or you have had a bad experience before. Well, you are lucky one to land in here! We might not be unique, but we are what we say. Let's discover below how we work and why it'll work for you.

1) Quotation Request

You come to know us and put your quote request online through our website. That's a stage where we assess your project scope based on specifications and details provided by you. You may also put Request for Proposal but that's not necessary at this point.

2) Project Analysis

During analysis phase, we collect all required project details from you either through face-to-face or online meetings. We'll discuss it in detail and will let you share what you want to see in your website. At this stage we will offer our suggestions in addition to budget approximates.

3) Formal Proposal & Agreement

Once you come and show your interest to work with us, we'll present you a custom project proposal up to your specifications including all the work details. We specify project cost and time estimates in this proposal draft that once agreed upon by you, we'll proceed further.

4) Opening Deposit

After signing a project agreement with us, you are bound to make opening deposit which amounts to 50% of complete project cost. Once you clear the initial payment, we'll start the project within a week or two.

5) Static Web Designing

This phase is up to our creative developers will discretely handle it. They will design your website mock-ups and graphics in keeping with your preferences, business type, and targeted audience. Usually home page is designed first with three design ideas for you to choose one - once you finalize one, we will proceed with remaining web pages of the site.

6) HTML/CSS Coding

Once you approve a web design theme, proper website development begins using standard XHTML/CSS coding that's not only cross-browser/cross-platform compatible but also efficient and search engine friendly. The user-given content and images are added to relevant web pages as well.

7) Dynamic Programming

As most of the websites we create are dynamic and interactive which ask for custom scripting and programming. Once done with static web design, our passionate web programmers take to their job. During this phase, a simple HTML/CSS websites turns into a database-driven dynamic website backed by primarily PHP/MySQL. At this stage, third-party modules and custom CMS are properly integrated into your site to give it required functionalities.

8) Final Appraisal, Testing & Training

After completing the dynamic programming of your site we'll get to its testing, verification and user training. It's the phase where clients will accompany us! After all it's the client who has to use the created site; we provide all essential website administrative tools to them.

9) Launching!

Once everything is thoroughly verified,users are appropriately trained, and we've received our final imbursement, it's time of launching the product! In case any post-launch work is needed, inicsol team will manage it. Moreover, custom-tailored regular web maintenance deals are availabletoo.

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